Keeper key holder
THE KEEPER - Nickel Matte
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THE KEEPER - Nickel Matte

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Cut from quality full grain harness leather, hand stitched, accompanied with your choice of antique brass or nickel matte hardware. The perfect accessory to hold your keys, gloves or whatever tickles your fancy. A practical addition to your Pioneer belt. Fits up to 1 1/2 inch belts (38mm).

Width- Approx. 26mm                Length- Approx. 118mm

The Leather:

Hermann Oak Old World Harness leather - just like our Grandfather's used. It is from the same tannery, based in St. Louis Missouri that supplied the wagon trains travelling west on the Lewis and Clark trails in the late 1800's. It is traditionally produced in a pit tanning process where it is stuffed into drums with pure tallows, oleos and waxes, giving it exceptional wear, weather resistance and durability in the field. This technique ensures each hide is unique with slight variations in colour, meaning no two keepers will be the same.

Overtime, the leather will develop a natural patina which is it's own protective layer. The russet colour will turn a deeper brown adding to it's character as it ages.

The Hardware:

Brass trigger snap and snap button with a nickel matte finish. 

Leather Care:

As the leather is naturally stuffed with waxes and tallows it should take care of itself. However, we recommend Foster & Boys Leather Balm (coming soon), to feed the leather and keep it looking it's best through the years of wear.

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